Commissioned by Jacob J. Roosjen, specialist European silver, based in the Netherlands, to hand paint an antique silver cup manufactured by C.G. Hallbergs in Stockholm in 1917 for the annual Dragon Gold Cup regatta.

This is a floating trophy that from this year onwards will be rewarded to the helmsman of the winning boat of the silver fleet.

The Swedish silver cup was manufactured by C.G. Hallbergs in Stockholm in 1917 according to the marks at the foot that have recently been painted over by Diana.

The cup measured 25cm high and the diameter of cup is 14.5cm.
“Diana Roig dove into the world of Dragon sailing by watching YouTube videos on the subject. The vibrant colours of the spinnakers, the splashing water, the huge waves, the myriad-feathered flock on board the Dragons, the velocity of the Dragons, in other words the complete scenery that boosts energy, inspired her to create this colourful painting on this trophy.”


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